Manhattan Place


98-99 Park Ave Hoboken, NJ
I Completed 1996 / II Completed 1998


This abandoned former coat factory had been vacant for 5 years, and was purchased in 1994 by The Manhattan Building Company. This project entailed complete structural repairs prior to renovation. After so many years of being vacant and water damaged, this project proved to be a very complicated combination of renovation and new construction. Due to zoning issues and grandfather clauses there were no additional floors added.


Manhattan Place II was purchased subject to zoning variances as a vacant 1-story office building. The Manhattan Building Company saw the opportunity to increase value substantially after its experience in Manhattan Place I and 87 Park Avenue, with approvals for 16 residential and 1 one commercial unit.

It was during the construction of this building that Manhattan Building Company organized a “project team” of in house professionals, (i.e. construction managers, architects, interior designers, carpenters and very qualified sub contractors). The project was completed on time and within budget. The completed job sold out for $4.7 million. Construction time was 13 months, and 16 closings took 60 days to complete.

Extensive attention was paid to historic detailing including the use of limestone, copper and special metals. Manhattan Place II is one of the most financially successful, architecturally and historically correct projects in Hoboken.


Manhattan Building Company
101 Marshall Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030
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