Construction Mgmt


At Manhattan Building Company, we work with union contractors, some who have been with us for over 30 years. They are among the elite of all contractors in the area. We consider them to be an integral part of our construction team.

At the beginning of every project, our construction professionals join our architects, engineers, marketing staff and individual designers to form a project team. This team functions to change ideas, brainstorm through obstacles and execute design strategies. The use of a team structure allows constant revision of planning and reevaluation through final product completion.

From the earliest site analysis to the choice of building systems, materials and pricing, we innovate and create options responsive to our market and construction cost analysis.

Our construction team is committed to quality outcomes by combining ideas from property owners, making suggestions and demanding perfection from the selected contractors. We are also committed to safe environments for our construction staff and constantly review, enforce and monitor safety compliance on our construction sites.

Here are of some of our relationships with local New Jersey based unions.




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